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this is a fox news alert. we are tracking the action in libya, we're told the u.s. will launch missile strikes against libyan air defenses within the hour. french jets launching air strikes on libyan tanks and now nato members preparing jets to head to libya to protect citizens of the north african country. they are wrapping up an emergency meeting in paris a short time ago as french warplanes circle the skies enforce the no-fly zone. hello, welcome to a brand-new hour. >> jamie: i'm jamie colby.
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the situation in libya is quickly developing as nato counties shift military resources to the region. molly henneberg is tracking that and live in the d.c. bureau. molly, good to see you. secretary clinton it's so unusual to hear from how severe things they are. should she did have a couple diplomatic points she wanted to make very clear clear. tell us about those. >> molly: that the u.s. backed international efforts to prevent libyan leader from muammar khadafy from attacking his own people but the u.s. would be taking a supportive role in any operation. >> we did not lead this. we did not engage in unilateral actions in any way, but we strongly support the international community taking action against governments and leaders who behave as khadafy is
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unfortunately doing so now. we think an international order that can bring about this kind of unity is very much in america's interests. >> molly: the secretary also reiterated what president obama said, that the u.s. would not be contributing any ground troops. she attended a emergency summit today to get everyone on the same page about how to enforce the united nations resolution authorizing a no-fly zone over libya. >> jamie: as you said this is an emergency summit. she also made these statements. what other nations, do get the sense from listening to everyone there will contribute to the build-up of assets we heard the u.s. is putting in place? >> molly: as you were saying this wasn't a military planning session but rather a chance to define the expectations of
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military action. n car car made it clear that french jets already were in the air, also six f-16ss from denmark landed in sisly and italy is making seven bases. spain sent four f-18's and reruling plane as well as deploying a submarine, a naval frigate and naval plane. norway would say it would send jets to enforce the no-fly zone. britain has moved three warships in the mediterranean and spokesman for canadian prime minister says 6 f-18 canadian fighter jets have reached the region and are preparing for a mission. >> jamie: molly. thanks for tracking it for us. >> kelly: fox news later we have just confirmed that the u.s. has
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three submarines for operations against libya. in the ground in libya, opposition forces seem to be holding on as new reports say french fighter jets have fired on four libyan tanks there. our rick leventhal is there. what is the latest that you are hearing and seeing? >> residents are happy to hear that it's quiet tonight. this morning tanks rolled in from the southern edge of the city, shells landed within a couple hundred yards of our hotel. we saw a fighter jet shot out of the sky. >> a fighter jet circled over the capitol -- richard harlow catches the exact moment the plane is hit by anti-aircraft fire. it's unclear if the doomed jet
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belonged to khadafy or the rebels as i nose-dived into a crowded residential area. [ gun shots ] >> reporter: benghazi is under attack. despite muammar khadafy's pledge for a cease-fire our fox team spotted his russian tanks on the far side of a bridge. rebels have two, this is the third position. >> journalists rush from the hotel and khadafy's troop's line of fire and many of the residents hit the roads, too. a mass exodus choking the road along the highway. there are numerous points heading east, water and shelter and direction as opposing fighters move the other way.
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>> reporter: and what we saw along that highway was extraordinary, spirit and cooperation and overwhelming sense this is a nation united against a ding tatership they can't wait to see unseated. >> kelly: thank you, rick. >> jamie: the united states is receiving up for action. here is hillary clinton today. >> let me be very clear about the position of the united states. we will support an international coalition as it takes all necessary measures to enforce the terms of resolution 1973. as you may know, french planes are already in the skies above benghazi. now america has unique capabilities and we will bring them to bear to help our european and canadian allies and air partners stop further
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violence against civilians, including the effective implementation of a no-fly zone. as president obama said the united states will not deploy ground troops but there should be no mistake mistaking our commitment to this effort. today i was able to discuss the next step with the full group and also conduct smaller focus conversation. >> jamie: and the talking continues. joining me, a fox news -- a middle east analyst. author of the "coming revolution," freedom for the middle east. it does affect the whole region, doesn't it? >> absolutely. what is happening right now in front of our own eyes, the battle of benghazi. if khadafy can move in the city they would not be very effective
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but so far the french reaction has sent a strong message that other attacks could take place other than the french later. that would reverse it. if that is done, all those that have been supplying and supporting khadafy with all sorts of resources are thinking twice. they will see the international community in action against khadafy forces. >> jamie: many citizens, not just those in libya that are awaiting justice. could this be it for him? >> i think if the opposition is enabled and trained and logistics are there to supply to begin the counter offensive. stopping him from benghazi is one thing but rolling his forces back to the city of sert and to tripoli will be the fall of khadafy. what we're going to see a new libya. that is not clear what the political forces will be in
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charge but we will worry about that later. defeating khadafy is the strategic objective. >> jamie: when we talk about insurgents in iraq we talk about one personality and we go on to afghanistan another more tribal. what are we dealing with there. what the potential for defections that are pro khadafy turning the other way? >> we need to be very aware of at this point in time otherwise we'll be surprised later. number one, if khadafy loses the battle of benghazi and along the coast to tripoli we're going to see more units defecting am people that were not encouraged before to do so doing so. but at the same time once he is defeated as a regular army he is going to conduct or successor is going to conduct a warfare who is going to install himself in tripoli. we're up for a long journey. it's not going to be easy game.
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>> jamie: the secretary of state today made clear from a summit in patient's we didn't leave it in terms -- we didn't lead it or engage in unilateral action. was that an important statement? >> that was the foundation of the entire america architecture, this administration architecture and it is supported by everybody who is involved in this in the united states including congress. the idea and notion that the united states is conducting a unilateral attack in libya, whatever the deeds of libya are, is going to be very negative element in view of the very powerful propaganda against america. they are going to say the americans are responsible for the bombing and casualties. khadafy is going to say that. jihadists are going to say that. so having the international community, french leading the way, we are in the background and most important thing, is the
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arab league has asked for this action. that is an important point. >> jamie: that was my final question. arab league said to be a game changer by an expert i talked to earlier. what is the significance of them backing the u.n. resolution? >> let's remember during the iraq campaign and even during other activities that we undertook in the region, there was always this hesitation on behalf of the arab league, including our allies, egypt, saudi arabia and others, they are always embarrassed to see that the united states and allies is sending bombers and missiles. now, once the arab league is telling us, you've got to do it and if you don't do it then we'll be upset. so we're going to say the arab league asked us to do so. >> jamie: perhaps that will help. what a delicate balance on that issue and hate around the world for the united states.
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doctor, thank you so much for your time today. >> thank you for having me. >> kelly: fox news alert. we are awaiting the pentagon's briefing on the situation in libya. it's expected to begin at any moment. it will be an operational briefing and i will bring it to you live. we are learning throughout the stay dai that the president will be making a statement live within the hour. [ male announcer ] escape convention.
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>> jamie: welcome back. waver live and stay live as the news breaks this hour. this is a fox news alert. i want to show you the pentagon where a briefing will be held about the situation in libya. we heard from jennifer griffin we'll get more detail about what assets we have in libya in the area and what the plan is for potentially our military, our intelligence, the president as
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well will be speaking. >> kelly: we'll look forward to that. meantime, we have a fox news alert -- and that is this. we are expected to hear from president obama shortly on the rapidly unfolding crisis in libya. president is in brazil today addressing a summit of business leaders. when he talks to us we'll be getting it as tape. mike is reporting live. what is the president's message on libya right now? >> it's evolving as things change. but there is new information as the hours go by. we have a heads up from the press secretary that he is going to speak to cameras in approximately half an hour. it's not going to be live but we'll get it to you as quickly as we have it. he has more to say on the issue of libya and the change of events and there and libya where
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secretary of state has been working feverishly with allies in europe and also arab allies to try to make sure that this u.n. security resolution is enforced properly. here is the president's message a little earlier today. >> our consensus was strong and resolve is clear. the people of libya must be protected. in the absence of an immediate end to the violence against civilians, our coalition is prepared to act, and act with urgency. >> reporter: so that is the president a short time ago. obviously this trip was about trade and economic issues with brazil, but as we've seen other times when the president of united states travels, news happens and he obviously reacts to it. so the president is giving us those comments earlier and we expect fresh comments about 30 minutes. >> kelly: we'll be following details and waiting for the
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president's remarks. >> jamie: we want to update you on the situation in japan. believe it or not, they are starting to test possible positive for radiation contamination and there is problems with the water puns. we're going to tell you why the u.s. nuclear watchdog group citizen the plan may not work. also, we're awaiting word from the pentagon, minutes away. the news is breaking here on the fox news channel. stay with us. [ bob ] i'd love to build bird houses for the rest of my life.
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>> kelly: here is a quick look at top headline.
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french jets reporting destroying tanks on the ground in libya. soon they expect ships to fire missiles to take out defenses. in yemen, firing live ammunition and tear gas at protestors. but the crackdown failing to stop massive demonstration. in japan, health officials find alarmingly high levels of radiation. lower tray of radiation had been found in drinking water in tokyo >> jamie: here is the latest. french warplanes is circling libyan skies and they are enforcing a no-fly zone. this is under the khadafy 42-year regime. peter doocy is taking a look back. >> reporter: you are hearing a lot about no-fly zones and what our aircraft and allies' aircraft will be doing in the coming days.
3:23 pm
if you look at recent history you will see that our planes have logged a lot of miles over libya. 1981 is when he laid claim to the big chunk of the gulf of sidrah. two fighter jets were aggressive and the libyan jets ended up being shot down. five years later the united states navy's sixth fleet sailed over the imaginary line of water calling it the line of death. we sank two ships. 1989 we shot down two more jets to present technicality the john f. kennedy. in between those, president reagan ordered major strikes against libya a few days after a bomb blast in a berlin bomb blast killed people and injuring 229 others. reagan said he retaliated because we had evidence that
3:24 pm
khadafy's men were behind the attack and he also said this. >> when our citizens are abused attacked anywhere on the world on direct orders of a hostile regime we will respond. so as long as i'm in this oval office. self-defense is our right, it is our duty. >> reporter: just two years after president reagan said that december, 1988 an ago planned a bomb that took down pan am 103. khadafy agreed to break apart his weapons of mass destruction' program to gain international friends. at the time he cared what other nations thought of him but now, it doesn't appear that is the case. >> jamie: thank you so much. this is another fox news alert. because at the pentagon there is a lot of activity to try to get a sense of what the u.s. is
3:25 pm
doing to get involved and protect that no-fly zone of the u.n. resolution established. jennifer griffin is live with the latest. what have you got? >> reporter: we are now hearing from u.s. military sources that the first u.s. tomahawk missiles have been launched from naval vessels in the mediterranean. we don't have a lot of details at this time. according to our sources, the first tomahawk missiles have been fired. they will be targeting khadafy's air defense systems and we'll bring you more details when we have them. we can report that the first missiles have been fired. >> jamie: let me ask you, what is at play and at work at the pentagon particularly hearing the secretary of state and the president saying we're not taking unilateral action, we're not taking necessarily direct action but we will do what we can to support other nations that are involved in this. are we still on that page?
3:26 pm
>> reporter: i think corrected to describe this u.s. is taking a strong supportive role. french took the lead in carrying out air strikes. we saw pictures that was shown by our own rick harlow what we think was a mig 23 being shot down over benghazi. we know that the u.s. will be taking a very active role in supporting the coalition but the coalition is going to be broad, the french taking lead there. they hope to have other arab states involved. but certainly the europeans are in the lead but the u.s. will be playing a strong role. now, we know that tomahawk missiles have been fired, you can expect the u.s. will use its capabilities to support the mission and most importantly to take out the air defense system to set up a no-fly zone according to the u.n. resolution. we expect to hear from president
3:27 pm
obama at about 3:45 p.m. eastern. that is coming up. pentagon briefing that was slated for just a few minutes ago has been held until after the president speaks. we know that secretary of state hillary clinton took off from paris and the way these kinds of air operations and air assaults and attempts to set up no-fly zones in the past and other operations, awe. they take place after dark. dark has fallen on libya. that is to limit the collateral damage in firing tomahawk missiles into areas where there might be civilians but to take out these air defenses. this is all being played out according to a very careful plan. there has been a lot of planning going on at the pentagon. now, we can report that the first tomahawks have been fired. we have no assessment as to where they landed, what they were targeting other to say they were targeting khadafy's air
3:28 pm
defense system. >> he has sent a letter to the president and he has no intention of backing down and the form libyan ambassador said until khadafy goes, no one there will be safe. to you get any indication from the pentagon that he is budging? >> reporter: there is no indication that he is budging. but we have not heard from anyone either is any of coalition allies plan to target khadafy himself. remember back in 1982 when president ronald reagan sent missiles into tripoli to antarctica colonel khadafy after the bombing of that u.s., service members, remember that they were khadafy was to survive and we had the lockerbie bombing after. that there is very big concern at the pentagon if khadafy
3:29 pm
doesn't go that he will launch terror strikes against the u.s. and europeans. he has done so before. he survived the last 42 years and he is the castro of the middle east. we have no indication they are planning to target him directly. >> jamie: near the bottom of the hour. news is breaking by the minute. we'll check back with you as soon as those statements coming out. also at the pentagon. thank you so much for your report. we're gunning to take a quick break. we'll be back with much more. very fluid situation and fox is on the ground in libya. stay with us. george: hello mr. gecko! linda: so, we're such huge fans - george: of yours...and would be really honored... linda: ...if you would marry us. me? linda: yea! you just seem so - george: british - sounding. i'm not really qualified to speak on matters of the heart. look i'll tell you this: when you insure more than one car geico you could save even more with our multi-car discount.
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>> jamie: this is a fox news alert. we have just learned that the u.s. fired its first missiles at libyan air defenses. steve, what is going on? >> reporter: a very tension
3:33 pm
anxious mood in tripoli, a lot of firing up in the a air, it was called panic firing. people shooting at whatever they think is moving in the skies above. as far as actual fighting goes. french warplanes took to the air today around the rebel stronghold of benghazi 600 miles to the east of here. 20 french warplanes in action, war engaging a libyan government vehicle. there are unconfirmed reports that four tanks were destroyed. one thing is certain the shooting has begun in this operation. as far as the city of benghazi itself, city of 700,000 people, it is a scene of chaos there. khuayd forces are in the city complicating things for no-fly zone them are in their with armor and ground troops and hitting the city with artillery throughout the day. many citizens are trying to flee to the east.
3:34 pm
as far as the response of khadafy himself we expect him to appear on state television but he earlier expressed defiance, saying this is violation of libyan's internal affairs and whoever does it will regret it. farce the capitol there are human shields in motion, libyan civilians volunteering to take up posts around the presidential compound as well as the airport. we heard jennifer griffin's report about cruise missiles fired. those would be targeted on air defense systems all around the country some located near the capitol here. we haven't heard any but we are waiting and tense for those sounds. >> jamie: thank you very much. we should mention that report from jennifer is an exclusive we'll bring you much more from the pentagon. she is standing by as well. >> kelly: so what can we expect next for the american military
3:35 pm
in this conflict? ambassador is libya's former ambassador to the u.s. thank you for joining us today. obviously you are keeping a close eye on what is happening. tell us what you are anticipating after these military strikes continue in the no-fly zone is enforced in libya? >> thank you very much. thank you for the american help. it will make a greater change for the situation of libya. that will give libyan people help and they, they give them no choice to fight back. i think this is what libyan people was expecting and was waiting for a long time. thank you very much. thank you very much. >> kelly: mr. ambassador, a lot of people you are welcome. a lot of people in harm's way as they try to protect innocent people in libya who are against the regime of muammar khadafy.
3:36 pm
perhaps you, explain to us why you are called the former ambassador to libya? >> i resigned race month when khadafy he used the tanks against the libyan people who decided to raise against the dictatorship regime. they were holding peaceful protests and then he used what he had at his disposal. i can't understand and the women and children are suffering and being killed. i cannot stand it anymore. >> kelly: we recall the vivid images of people taking to the streets of benghazi when they went out to protest. they were shouting chants of victory because they had been able to overtake benghazi but things went awry in tripoli where he hired percent nears and put his army and military against his on own people. what do you think the people are
3:37 pm
going through on the ground right now now that they are saying the international forces are now going in to enforce a no-fly zone? >> i think this is a chance to overcome our things and get this regime out of libya. this regime that has controlled libya for the last 42 years and he has been engaged with public relations firms to give him a chance and, he has been telling lies everyday. this morning he was saying the chief of command, he would join him, rejoin him again and he came out and he said no. you have to know what his regime is doing now. they are taking a dead body from the hospital. they put them in different places in tripoli airport and in
3:38 pm
a car just to work to prove, this is victim of the strike of the international community. they are using it not to inform the people but if khadafy, believe me, not only will they pay the price by slaughtering them but all of us, including western countries, the united states, they would suffer from him. you know, i think very well that during the last '85 and after that how much terrorist action he has taken into western europe and against the western united states in particular. then we have all of us, we have the responsibility to get rid of this regime. i am not warning you but i am telling you americans and
3:39 pm
european countries, they will be victimized of this regime. >> kelly: and ambassador that is why a lot of people are concerned what is going on the ground. president of united states saying he must go and stating by participating with the international community. ambassador, thank you for joining us. >> thank you very much. they have to do it quickly and fast, please. >> kelly: we understand, sir. thank you very much. >> jamie: we're following the latest in japan means fear, the efforts to restart water pumps inside japan's fukushima daiichi damaged plant will not work. the international atomic energy is raising the concerns the pumps are too damaged to function once the technicians restore electrical power. nuclear watchdog group is considering a ban on food from the region, spinach and milk already testing positive for
3:40 pm
radiation contamination. what would that mean? greg palkot with the latest. that is scary if the situation wasn't bad enough, greg. >> reporter: that is scary but there is relatively good news. let's take about what is being done feverishly at the nuclear reactor complex. it seems to be working to some degree the efforts to stabilize the situation. they have been training high powered water cannons inside these stricken reactors. according to the authorities on the ground through the day on saturday, the temperatures have not risen. the radioactivity levels have not risen and at least it hasn't gotten worse. trying to connect the electrical lines. they have the cooling pumps working in two undamaged reactors. they are now connecting the lines to units one and two. those are the least damaged of
3:41 pm
the four damaged reactors. they are going to try to get something going in these reactors today. you know, however, with all the damage and all the catastrophe that has happened in the past week there is no guarantee the cooling pumps are going to work but they will give that an effort. meanwhile, more concerns on the health front. over the past two days, authorities here have detected higher than expected levels of radioactivity iodine in spinach and milk which has come from the broad area around the nuke zone as well as in tap water in the broader region. higher than acceptable, still i can use it. technically, it's above the levels that are allowed. people do not feel its major health threat, there is more checking being done to food sfufs and decisions on the export, as well. still the humanitarian challenge resulting from the earthquake
3:42 pm
and tsunami. the numbers are pretty startling. they keep climbing every day. right now the latest official toll, 7500 dead, 11,700 missing, 450,000 still remain in evacuation shelters. the government has been trance fix order the nuclear problem there has been criticism they haven't been addressing the humanitarian side. they are working on that now too. >> jamie: thank you so much greg palkot, live in japan zbloox. >> kelly: we are still awaiting a statement from the president obama. military operation in libya. he is expected to speak at any moment. what was i thinking? t i was stilskating on thin ice with my cholesterol. anyone with high cholesterol may be at increased risk of heart attack. diet and exercise weren't enough for me. i stopped kidding myself. i've been eating healthier, exercising more and now i'm also taking lipitor. if you've been kidding yourself about high cholesterol, stop.
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>> jamie: fox news alert. we've heard from president obama and we will hear from him again. we will speak again about the situation in libya that is developing by the hour. jennifer griffin reporting that the first cruise missiles have been fired. what is muammar khadafy thinking now? a closer look at who he is from someone that has money him for more than 30 years. he editor at large for the washington time and united press international and you've known him since 1969. when i read a little bit of what you had to say about him, you said initially, seemed like a
3:47 pm
reasonable guy. but certainly not the case now that we look at the history over the last 30 years. can you put us inside the mind of muammar khadafy? >> to begin with, posing as a poor woman knocking on a hospital door at midnight saying she felt dying and speaking in a high-pitched voice. next day he closed the hospital because nobody would pay attention to him but it moved into a whole new phase, propaganda and terrorism and no less than 42 countries around the world. also, overt military. he was the center military expedition all the way to uganda much of the material arrived by ship ceylon to save idi amin. he had taken up exile in saudi
3:48 pm
arabia. but he has been very dangerous man over 40 countries. >> jamie: what drives him, and what do you believe could break him? >> think in the beginning he was a bit of a megalomaniac but a manic depressive. he high all the time. he is unpredictable. he is very canny. as you saw he declared immediate cease-fire when he heard the u.n. had authorized western nations to intervene. i think he is going to try to fight it out and gradually get the masses of arab world against the western powers. >> jamie: do you believe that he thinks his capability is any match for all of these nations that have now joined together
3:49 pm
along the u.n. resolution 1973? >> i'm sure he does. to give you an example at a summit meeting in african country. when the head of the u.n. of egypt and discovered how everybody was voting against egypt over the peace treaty against israel by deposit one million dollars in briefcases. that is why they voted against him. this the small thing he is capable of doing. i'm quite sure he can take on the world. >> jamie: the u.s. has made clear that we haven't taken unilateral action. we are being supported by other nations to get things under control and protect human life on the ground in libya. what is khadafy's view of the u.s. and how do you think he would accept that the u.s. hasn't led this, that we have been just support have any
3:50 pm
nature or is his hate so strong that he will not only be bold but try to take action against u.s. forces and civilians as we have seen in the past? >> i'm sure there be terrorism in other countries against the united states and its allies. he is capable of that, absolutely anything. for instance, when i was under the tent with him back in 1993, he was already asking me at that time to establish close relations with the c.i.a. that way they could fight together muslim extremism in the eastern part of his country. today, i don't know what happened, but i think rather important things did happen such as fact he relinquished all his nuclear toys that had been sold to him from pakistan. he did that he was afraid after we invaded iran he was going to
3:51 pm
be next. >> jamie: you spent time with him of any nature, i suppose speaking to him about world affairs but getting to know him personally. you would have a message for him right now? >> obviously, he has to throw the sponge in. had a there is no way he can take the world. but i'm afraid he is going to try to do it, by deceit and also by terrorism in our country. >> jamie: i wanted to let our viewers know, the president has spoken out and his plate is full today. we're going to hear live from the president. we'll hear his audio as he smeex to give us an update on the situation in libya and the u.s. involvement. jennifer griffin is monitoring the conference. department of defense will speak after the president. we have our folks on the ground, rick leventhal is in libya as
3:52 pm
steve harrigan. let me ask you, who at this point, given the u.n. resolution and the support of many member nations including the u.s., who does khadafy have on his side right now? >> right now, i don't think he has anybody. he says he doesn't have russia or china and more extreme countries, yemen, i'm sure he doesn't have the president of yemen on his side either. i think he an isolated figure and surrounded by a lot of percent nears he has been paying with this huge war chest he has accumulated over the years that is in libyan banks, never went abroad. he has a lot of money to do a lot of damage. it remains to be seen, i personally doubt it. i think his days are numbered. >> let's hope he doesn't get the opportunity to spend any of
3:53 pm
that. with fascinating insight into muammar khadafy. >> thank you. >> kelly: we are getting breaking details. we're going to go to jennifer griffin with more details from there. >> reporter: we can now report there are 11 u.s. warships in the mediterranean. they are part of a coalition of 25 naval warships that are off the coast of libya. all will be involved in this coalition that will be setting up a no-fly zone. the tomahawk missiles were launched within the last hour. we do not have reports from the scene that the damage but we can tell you what the targets were. the targets are mostly around tripoli and an area called terebelesh and further to the east of surut. those three main areas are where the missiles are targeting.
3:54 pm
we do not have any thinking being flying toward benghazi. it will be set up with u.s. in control providing command and control for french and other warplanes that will be involved. they plan to transition, we understand it according to pentagon source, we plan to transition in the coming days that command and control over the coalition but in the initial days while the u.s. is leading to take out khadafy's air defense systems, they will be using what is being described as unique capability that will include electronic jamming devices as well as tomahawk missiles, they can be fired from the two destroyers the u.s.s. stout and u.s. the berry a as well as three submarines. u.s.s. move dense as well as two others, u.s.s. florida and a
3:55 pm
third submarine. those tomahawks have been fired as we've report. again. u.s. will be in lead that will be termed as odyssey dawn is the name of operation and they will transition command and control to the coalition forces. we expect that arab nations will step up and be involved in this. we will announce their involvement in the coming hours and days. but right now, we can report that italy, france, the united kingdom, canada and the u.s. are currently involved in the setting up the no-fly zone in libya. >> kelly: thank you for that report. here now is major general james spider marks ceo of envision. thank you for joining us, sir. you heard what jennifer was talking from the pentagon. what do you make of this in terms of dealing with muammar khadafy and his forces on the ground in libya?
3:56 pm
>> jennifer's report is very detailed. that is good stuff. in the initial stages of the operation the united states and under the nato command which is led by u.s. admiral four star has the lead in order to set the conditions for the full application of this air power that is comingology from the coalition. contributing nations are going to try to achieve, at least what they are trying to achieve is separation of khadafy forces from the rebel forces, achieve a standoff. then there has to be a monitoring and some action to achieve a drawdown in those forces. this certainly much more -- it's going to end up being much more than an air campaign. it feels right now to separate the forces and to stop the killing. that is what must be done. it begs itself question what is next. is it okay for khadafy to stick around? can there will be a divided or separated libya with khadafy
3:57 pm
still there. those questions are not answered. >> kelly: one quick question -- i'm sorry. but we have to go. general marks reporting for us. >> jamie: that is going to do it for us. president obama is moments away. keep it right here because gregg jarrett and heather childers is next. thanks for joining us. they're so confident their miles are better, they'll match the miles you've eard on your airline credit card -- up to 100,000 -- on a new venture card. it's unbelievable. believe it. venture card miles are good on any airline, anytime. it's like an upgrade from this... to this. sign up for a venture card at today and get up to 100,000 miles. what's in your wallet? impressive, right?
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